10 Reasons Why You Should Market Like Trump

I Don’t Like Donald Trump. But his marketing team is genius. Mostly because they just let the guy fly free. He puts his ideas out there, loud and proud, and then they let the data sort out the rest as they curtail his ideas and get them dialed in to something that will help make him a better presidential candidate. It’s ridiculous: but it works. And it can work for you, too.

He has his own personality

Trump is different. When you look at any of the other candidates even (dare I say) Bernie Sanders, you know what you’re getting: someone who is from Capitol Hill, who will politely uphold the same voting record, and ideas that most other Congressmen and others will have. Trump has turned everything on its head: and that’s a good thing. People get sick of hearing the same thing all the time.  One of Trumps’ largest assets is his ability to stand out from the crows. Whether what he says is ridiculous, down to earth, or downright savage, you listen.

How can you do that?   Be yourself. Trump is himself: no question. I would have loved to be in the room when the first personal image coach tried to reign him in, it must have been a riot.  Our world is a constant practice in self curation: we curtail our Facebook personalities, photo-shop our selfies, and spend countless hours picking out the right photos to upload to instagram. Cut it out. Be yourself, be honest, be real, and  let people appreciate you for it. For more examples of folks who are truly real and out there, Check out James Altchuer: whose so honest on his blog it’s sometimes scary.

He uses quant-based strategies

Trump’s popularity is not just based on his ridiculous statements and showboating capabilities, however. His twitter feed is well curated. His interview schedule matches nicely with his target demographics, and he hits several of them by going to different interview and PR opportunities in any given week.  This helps Trump to keep himself front of mind at all times: you always can get some sort of read of where he’s going, what he’s thinking, and how he’s going to move forward in the coming weeks. this is pivotal to developing a powerful campaign like he is.

If you want to do the same thing: find your target demographic first. Use apps like Google Analytics to follow your website viewers from first visit right to sales decision– or where they bounce. Then look into your industry with systems like Buzzsumowhich will help you better understand what people are talking about in your industry. Build an audience and use your personality to talk to them better– by following how they respond. Use Mailchimp to curate your email list responses, clickthroughs, and all sorts of other things. These will all help you use real data to get more business.  On the social media front: Buffer is a great way to keep yourself front of mind: load it full of your content, your ideas, and stuff you just want people to know about- and then buffer will automatically send it out on your social media accounts at ideal times (with some setup from you) and will then give you analytics based on these posts so that you can give better content to your audience week after week.

He doesn’t have any problem being human

Trump has no problem talking right to you. He doesn’t just talk ABOUT stuff. He tells you how he feels about it His opinion is right there. This is something a lot of people miss when they blog, or write, or try and tell their company’s story in any format: how do you feel about it? What’s your personal feeling or opinion? You have to tell the story, and tell us how you feel.

When you write, be sure to add a second paragraph, where you say “and I feel…” and then tell us. That’s interesting. People want to hear about that. Information is cool, but it doesn’t make people share, or like, or comment. It makes people leave and go “huh…that was cool” so tell us how you feel about that info too.

He is very clear about his statements

There is no question about Trump’s stance on things. He doesn’t mince words. Immigration? you know. Jobs? You know. Foreign Wars? You know. even if you pay as little attention to Trump as you can, you probably know. This is important. Clarity is the first law of marketing: If people don’t know what you’re selling, then you’ll never sell!

More businesses (especially when they make the move to online) make the cardinal sin of being unclear about what they’re selling, and what problem it solves. So look at the front page of your website: What are you selling? no really. What are you selling? do you even know? does the customer know? If not, you need to be more specific, add pictures, or simply write it out: “ We Sell X” is surprisingly effective. Just make sure people know.

He doesn’t beat around the bush

Trumps has an amazing ability to get directly to the point. If he has a problem with you he will tell you. If you’re wondering how he’s going to solve the problem, he will tell you in about 10 words. There is not much room for extra words in the way the man speaks. This is also true in the way he posts online (and necessary on a medium like Twitter)

You should be the same way: If you have an offer: Say it. A great practice for those beginning in online marketing is to write, write, and write some more…and then cut that writing in half. And then in half again. maybe even a third time. You want to be clear, and short. If you can’t be, then you’re saying the wrong thing.

He stays Creative

Trump uses his vast resources to make sure his talking points are clear, simple…and slightly varied. He pulls information from many sources: news shows that love him, news shows that hate him. Blunders his contestants made. Blunders HE has made. He will use all of this to continually keep it interesting, and to keep his target demographic engaged.

You can do the same thing with a little work and some great apps like I mentioned before (buzzsumo) and also reddit. Look at what’s intersting people right now. Reddit is called the front page of the Internet for a reason: most things that are on reddit end up on Buzzfeed, CNN, MSNBC… you name it. So look at your industry on buzzsumo, and the whole Internet on reddit, and get creative from there. A great way to save these ideas on the fly is evernote: which allows you to instantly save articles or pages on your laptop or phone. I use evernote constantly, and then refer back to all the cool stuff I saved to write stuff like this. Simple.

He has found his niche, and used it to get popular outside it

Trump initially appealed to a specific demographic:  I will not read into who those folks may be very much, as I would hate to insult them. This demographic had two very specific traits that helped him immensely, however: they had a problem they wanted solved, and they would protect (and promote!) the person who they thought would solve that problem for them. This is the key of Internet marketing.  Find a group of people that need help, and help them in such a special and specific way that they won’t’ only keep buying from you, but they’ll become your biggest advocates. This helps you move outside of that demographic: to friends of your demographic, and friends of friends. This is the basis of viral marketing

He forces you to take a side

Trump always forces you to take a side: in every post, in every statement, and in almost every sentence he speaks. He is not one to take the middle road. As one who is fighting an uphill battle to gain exposure, this is pivotal. Why? because you are almost COMPELLED to respond to his posts. If you don’t respond to them directly, you may very well talk to a friend about them, or just share the post with someone else–even if you hate the idea.

Share things with your base in a similar way–not something that will alienate clients, but something is shows that you hold a very specific opinion about it. This will spur OTHER opinions. As this blog post on data stories shows, (The top posts on reddit are generally very positive, or very negative) people respond to opinions, because they want to weigh in. use this to your advantage

He asks you to respond

Because his statements are so polarizing— you immediately want to speak out (or for) them. Did Trump really just say that? I need to go tell so and so. I’m sure we’ve all said that at least once. I know I have!

You want to be in the same place: but you’re going to do it differently. Add Value. Make your client base say “wow I need to share this with so and so, they would love this information!” or “I wonder what My friend John would say about that opinion on X” this will get people talking about you, and then you’ll be front of mind for a long, long time. Writing shareable content is another story entirely. Stay tuned for more on that.

You hate him–or love him. And that’s good.

This is similar to the above–but important! People spend too much time trying to be liked by everyone. Businesses spend too much time trying to be liked by everyone. Just be yourself, and hold an opinion. Guess what? People will take sides. And when they do that, they will naturally either defend or defame you. AND THAT’S GREAT. That means people are talking about what you do, or what you sell. and that means you’re getting exposure. Just like Trump.

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