Chiropractor’s Guide To SEO: Get To The Front Page Of Google In 3 Weeks Or Less

To watch an in-depth 40 minute video on how to to all of this on your own, watch this video here:

Congratulations on making the decision to explode your practice with the internet! This simple guide will give you all the tools, tricks, and workflow you need to get your site ranked on Google in as little as three weeks. 

Laying the Groundwork

Setup Google Tag Manager On Your Website 

  1. Install Google Tag Manager, and make an account: To do this, head to and make an account. Then follow this video guide to install it to your website.  CONGRATULATIONS! All the coding you need to do for this is COMPLETE! 
  2. Install the Google Analytics code INTO the Tag Manager application, and test  it. To do so, go to and follow the instructions. 
  3. Install the Facebook Pixel INTO the Tag Manager application and test it. To do this, go to 
    And follow the instructions for Google Tag Manager.

Google Maps/ Google Business Listing

Setup or Claim your Google Business Listing

  1. Go to the following site: and either claim your current business listing if you haven’t already, or start a new business by filling in the appropriate information. 
  2. Add photos of your office, your staff, and happy patients (If HIPAA compliant) 

Ask your Patients For Reviews. Every Day! 

  1. Ask your patients for reviews! Navigate to your business page, click on the “Leave a Review” button, and copy that link to your clipboard. Now go to  to create a shortened version of that URL that is easier to copy and send to patients. 
  2. Mediums you can send this link by: 

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. Google Hangouts 
  3. SMS/ Text message
  4. Email

Check Site’s Page Speed.

  1. Navigate to and put your website’s URL into the search bar. 

Implement the MOST Effective Fixes

  1. Minify your images. 
    1. Download all images from your website 
    2. Delete all images from your site after they’ve been downloaded 
    3. Minify them using an online image compression tool, or the photoshop compression tool 
    4. Re-upload the images to your site. 
  2. Implement Browser Caching
    1. If you have a Wix, Squarespace, or Other “Front end only” web site you can skip this step…or switch to WordPress if your Page Speed is still to low. (under 70) 
    2. Install W3 Total Cache on your WordPress site: And follow the instructions to use it most effectively. 
  3. Check your pagespeed again, and repeat if necessary. 

STEP Four:
Backlink Your Site

Refer to the List of Backlinks Below

Public Relations and Social Media: 

Local Listing:

Free Websites / Landing Pages: 

Guest Blogging:

Doctor Listing Sites:

Take some time every night (yes, EVERY night) And do just one of these sites. Fill out all the information, and you will reap the benefits much faster than you think. 

I’m excited to hear about the great success you’ll have implementing these simple strategies to help your site rank on Google. 

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