Consistency Is The Mother Of Perfection

So here we are at day 4. And what I want to bring up today is consistency.

Being consistent in your business practice is important. The funny thing is, that a lot of people are constantly consistent at the wrong things. I’ve been guilty of this on about a million separate occasions.

I have spent many, many hours researching something, when I had client work to do. I’ve spent days building out a product…that nobody wanted to buy. These are all examples of being consistent in the wrong direction. That’s the thing: being consistent is only good if you’re being consistent at the things that most need to be done.

What does this mean? This means looking hard at two things: your goals, and the actions you need to take to get there. If you’re looking to grow your leads, then you need to find a lead generator that if repeated enough times will get you the leads you need to get the business you want. If you want more storefront sales, then you need to find a driver that brings more business ot the storefront. If you’re looking for list sign-ups to create a huge call to action, then create a system that builds those. The key is to do this consistently, day in, day out. No matter what’s going on you need to work toward that goal until you get to it.

I recently read a book called “Grit” which was a book by a social scientist, who researched this intangible quality that some people seemingly are born with: an ability to get things done day in and day out, regardless of hardship. The book researched many different people, from West Point candidates, or Harvard law students, to military infantrymen. Each time they looked at the different quantifiable factors in these people, none of them seemed to correlate to what gave them an innate ability to get shit done when it needed to be.

My theory? That’s because anyone can have grit. Anyone can show up and do it every day. Anyone can do one little thing each day and show that it’s possible to get to where you need to be. That’s the thing though: you gotta show up.

When I started BerkshireSEO, I just started a blog with one goal: to write for 20 minutes every day. Didn’t matter about what, didn’t matter if anyone read it, it was just to write.  I showed up every day to make sure that I created a daily practice. Then I realized I needed to tweak that practice to other daily practices that got me business, and clients. Then I tweaked it again to build my list. I’ll continue to test, and tweak those daily practices, and I’ll continue to grow. I challenge you to do the same.


What’s your daily practice look like? Does it help you achiever your goals? What else are you hoping to achieve? If you’ve been working the same clients, making the same sales, and doing the same thing for months or years…its probably time to look at those things you’re doing. A good time to do it would be now.

In the comments below: Tell us what you do daily right now to get you to your goals tomorrow. If you haven’t made a practice like that yet, tell us what the goal is now!

See you tomorrow!


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