Day 3: Day Two Troubles, And What It Means to “Create Content”

Hi all, I’m back!

I hate to admit it, but bum Internet did indeed defeat me yesterday. I had an event to go out with my wife out by my in-laws, and I figured I would write and record a video that night while I was there. Sadly, their Internet was a no-go that night, and I attempted to upload via my phone, but it didn’t want to play nice. nonetheless I’m back, and posting again! I was a shame that day two had to go like that, but I won’t let it stop the challenge.

So today: What it means to create content. I think a lot of you imagine “content creation” like sitting down to write a college paper, or doing gobs of research and compiling notes, and then sitting down to write monster blog posts. Yes, this is one way to create content, but it is not the ONLY way.

The real way to make content is to make something that interests and inspires you? Pictures of your shop, and the cool crafts you make? Yep. A video showcasing a new home build your team just finished? Absolutely. A how-to video about cooking a meal that your restaurant just put on the menu? Of Course! content creation isn’t only supposed to be fun for the consumer: Its supposed to be fun for you.

THIS is really what the heart of the content challenge is all about to me. I want to get myself out of my writing-only box (you’ll see some videos popping up on my youtube channel, a lot more pictures, and maybe even a few more podcasts like this one with Matt McConnnell)  But It’s also about getting YOU guys to find your desired channel to speak to. You need to find that channel! because once you do, it will be a lot LOT more fun for you to create content. I want you all to get creative. Because guess what? unless you love to write (which I happen to) you’re going to friggin HATE writing for 30 days straight. If you love to take photos, though, that will be an interesting and fun way to make content. So don’t think it’s just writing! Try new things.

In light of this start of constant content creation, and the #contentchallenge, I’m challenging my wife Stephanie to start a new you tube channel with our ridiculous, borderline insane felines Tiger and Mickey. I might link to her content a few times, so if you’re ready to see someone start to stab out in content creation with no experience whatsoever: head on over. Because you know what: Its not scary, and its not hard. You just have to do it

So I’d like you all to check out my youtube channel here and tell me how bad my videos are, and then I’ll improve them! this will be fun, and I want you all to be part of it. create some stuff, share it around, hash tag it, and let’s all get better at making content!

See you tomorrow.


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