Does Content Creation Work? #ContentChallenge

“Does content creation work?”

This is something that I’ve never been asked directly, but I feel as though a lot of people wonder about. Does it really drive traffic, get sales, and build a business? Can it really be a means of replacing old school marketing method altogether?

Let’s put it to the test and find out. Not just me, though. You too.

For the next thirty days, I will be posting up some kind of new content every single day, and I will be sharing it on twitter with the hashtag #contentchallenge. This way I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is and really showing you all just what content creation is all about.

What do I want to show you? I want to show you that content creation is easy. It’s not something that takes a million hours a week, and ton of research, and long thought out blog posts. It can be as simple as a how-to video you record with your daughter. It can be a video conference with a client you really helped out. It can be a photo gallery of some recent work. Content is anything that helps tell the story of your business. So make it fun!

I want to show you that it can be lots of fun. You can make funny things (and those almost always do better) you can make artful things. You can make interesting and thought provoking things. Anything can be content, and the only way you know if it will work or not is if you try it.

I want to show you that it produces results, too. I’ll be posting these every day, and I guarantee you’ll see the interest go up on these twitter posts. I’ll document it all at the end of the experiment and show you just how effective content creation can be as a marketing medium.

But here’s a free bit of advice: Don’t wait that long. Get on your site right now and make something. It can be an audio recording of what you do: just your value proposition. It could be throwing up some pictures of the job site you’re working on. Or if you’re really feeling frisky: write something! but give it all a try! there’s no reason to wait and see if what I do succeeds! Get out there and make some new content every day, and hashtag it with us! I already have a bunch of other business, and marketers playing along with me, and I’d love to see you out there to. So spread the word, and make #contentchallenge viral!


See you tomorrow!


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