Have you Checked Your Pagespeed?

SEO has many, many steps. Often times if you’re trying to do it yourself you can really get overwhelmed, and end up really losing track of your priorities. A lot of people seem to miss some o the simplest things that can get you real results. One of those things is pagespeed.

Pagespeed is how fast your page loads for your page visitors. This is one of the first metrics that google will rate your site for. If your site isn’t loading fast enough, or it isn’t easy enough to read according to google, you will never get to the front page for your keywords or for topics your customers are searching either.

So how do you test pagespeed? Fortunately Google makes it really simple. You simple head over to and type in your website’s URL. From here you’re able to go ahead and check the things that come back!

From here you’ll often notice 3 simple things to fix:

1. Image Size
2. Java Script
3. Css

You’ll often see scary words here like “minify” java script, or CSS, and there can be a lot of different things to fix with those. There are plugins to fix these, but they can often break your site. Therefore let’s start with the easier items, like shrinking your images.

To shrink your images you can use a plugin like wpsmush, but I find that taking an extra step and shrinking the images yourself gets way better results. Here’s how we’re going to do it.

1. Download the images from your site.

Head over to the media tab, and download the images from your site. Save them all in a folder that’s easy to find later.

2. Head over to

Once you go there just go ahead and upload your images, and then download the new compressed images for you to use on your website.

3. Delete the old media images from the site.

You want to completely remove them from the site, as Google will check your media file and still count images that aren’t even being used against you.

4. Upload your new, compressed images.

Yep, load them up.

5. reload the images to your pages and posts.

Once you have them loaded up, make sure they still load on all your pages and posts. From there you are done!

Run your site through the pagespeed tester again and see how it looks. If you’re still under 90% you may need professinoal help to clean up your javascript and CSS.

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