How To: Stop Ruining Your Life With Social Media

I’ve recently started using Facebook groups as a place to promote my business. I’ve found that they’re an excellent place to build relationships with potential clients, and it also gives you a great way to find target markets as well, and even cater content to them.

As a B2B business, my focus is on business owner groups. MY word: these people waste. Time. on. These. Sites. It’s atrocious.

For instance, The other day I posted in a facebook group, using permission marketing to share some new blog content I had made. I made my two posts, and went on my way.

Later in the week I logged into Facebook again and saw that I had 17 updates just from that thread!

What are these people doing with their days? Literally spending hours online trying to win imaginary arguments between other non-workers? I used to be one of these people, though, so I can’t be too accusatory. I learned how to stop letting social media be a time suck, and I replaced it with productive marketing motions. OR: I replaced it with spending time doing things I love, or with my family. Here’s How:

Do a time audit. Download something like RescueTime, (Link) and make an account. This will give you the ability to track your usage of certain apps and websites on your laptop AND mobile. Do this for one week, and check daily.

    1. Eliminate The BS. Look at what your biggest time usages are. For me, it was Reddit. I spent more than 3 hours per day scrolling reddit. HOLY SMOKE. That’s enough time for me to write an entire blog post!  I immediately deleted the app, and replaced the time suck with reading all of the books and articles I wanted to get caught up on. This alone has increased my productivity, and calmed me immensely. Social media is stressful, unplugging will make you feel better
    2. .Look at your most successful marketing Channels, and duplicate them. Instead of spending hours fighting in facebook threads, or reading articles that will never help you grow or become a better business owner, look at the top 2 things you do on each social media channel to drive the most traffic to your business. Use Buffer to replace any status updating that you currently do. If you’re online for hours a day looking for content to share to drive traffic, then use Quuu to curate that content for you. Quuu looks at the people you follow on twitter, and chooses articles they’re sharing for you to post on your feed, or to read yourself Quuu also automatically loads these posts into Bufffer.. Make a Nuzzel account, and allow it to curate content for you, and then load it into your buffer account every other day or so. If you utilize things that necessitate your physical presence at the keyboard on social media, batch them into ideal times. Use data from your buffer account to track when people are most likely to see your posts. I find that using permission marketing on facebook groups, and also posting new blog posts to the page at the same time in another new thread gets it all out of the way at once. Join some groups specific to your target market, and see what day of the week personal promotion is allowed. Post on that day, and also do permission marketing the same day. That way you’ll be able to only spend a few minutes on social media a week, but look like a social media master.
    3. Track your results. Buffer offers great analytics for your posts, which will show you what is most popular with your target demographics. Use links to track click back performance on permission marketing you do, and then you’ll have a full picture of what’s working and what isn’t.Use links to track click back performance on permission marketing you do, and then you’ll have a full picture of what’s working and what isn’t.

Social media is awesome as a marketing channel, but it should take a few minutes a week, not hours or days. Set up systems, test them, and get them to work for your business. Don’t wade into the mess, just be a content creator and aggregator, and let the traffic come to you.

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