I Don’t Know What To Write About…

This isn’t a problem I have often. Usually I only write about 2-3 times a week though, I’m not writing constantly, day in and day out, and also making you tube videos.

This is a problem I think a lot of you have. You don’t know what people want to hear about. You don’t know what people care about. Because of this, you don’t write (or create anything) at all.

This is an issue! There is no reason to think this way! If you have any idea at all about what you want to share, you should share it. If you have any idea at all write it down and give it a try. There are two reasons for this.

1. You’re writing to an audience of about zero. Even if you have a list, or a website with some views, if you haven’t posted content on it before, not many people will see it. There’s nothing to be afraid of because if its bad, nobody will see it. If its good, people will find it!

2. If you don’t actually make something, then you’ll never start. If you’ve been researching for more than a week: its time to start writing. If you have note cards for the blog post you’re working on: it’s time to start writing. If you’ve been thinking about it for more than a day: It’s time to start writing.

There is no reason to put it off. In fact, procrastination is the only way to ensure you’ll never get started making content, and getting leads. If you are too lazy, tired, scared, or anything to write, or videotape, or snap those photos and post them, then you’ll just never get there, or you’ll end up paying someone too much money to do it for you

Yesterday I wasn’t able to post anything because I was sick: I got in bed at 6pm for a nap and didn’t wake back up until today. Today I was having a hard time thinking of anything to write about. But now here I am, writing something based on the idea of how I had nothing to write. This took no research, no back study, and no cue cards. I’m just telling you what I’ve learned. Why don’t you do the same?

See you tomorrow!

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