Local SEO 2020: 3 Facts To Get Traffic

Local SEO 2020: 3 Facts To Get Traffic

Local SEO is something that many small business owners put on the back burner. They think that word of mouth and a fun Facebook page is all they need to make their internet presence shine. While these are great places to start, adding in a robust local SEO strategy to an already successful digital marketing campaign can literally multiply those results, while those just starting out can see new customers coming through their doors in weeks or days instead of months with a good local SEO strategy.

So these are 3 FACTS about Local SEO in 2020 that will help you understand the landscape, and will give you insights into the actual workflow we use here at MountainMan Digital to get clients up to a 1000% increase in search based traffic. SO: Let’s get those new customers rushing through the door.

1: Search Is the new Word Of Mouth

— a new study from shows that 91% of 18-34 year old consumers trust a well-reviewed business. Local search is often the realm of the Google My Business Listing, and the lifeblood of this marketing engine is it’s reviews. Getting high quality reviews on this platform is a NO BRAINER for getting new customers in the door, and it also gives you great feedback on what you could be doing better to serve your customers in the way they want to be.

2. There has been a 500% percent increase in local search over the past two years.

This means that there are five times as many people using google to search for local businesses than there were 2 years ago. If facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, or any other platform had seen this type of growth, they would be screaming from the rooftops for people to hop on their platform to advertise (and the prices would follow suit) But with Google business listings, the only way to KEEP those people on the platform is to motivate users to create good local business listings that are helpful to its users…and Google Ads. (if you want to learn more about Google Ads, please comment below and let me know so I can create a guide on that, too!)

3. Google is basically giving away free traffic right now! 

If you’re in a low population area…and heck, sometimes even in a population dense area, Google is happy to throw some traffic your way, if you just follow some basic rules when you setup your Google My Business Page

Namely, make sure that you CLAIM your google my business page by going to and creating an account, or claiming your business if you haven’t already.  Then, fill out all info on the page, and be sure to add some good photos of your local business from the street, some pictures of the inside, and also some pictures of your team, and maybe some happy customers, too. Finally, start to get reviews! Reviews are the lifeblood of Google My Business, and getting them consistently and at volume is KEY to starting to rank on the platform.

Worried that you won’t be able to get rankings due to a competitor with a large number of reviews already? Not to worry. Google’s My business system is utilizing a system to help smaller businesses just starting that’s called click momentum. Basically what this means is if you’re getting more reviews than that big competitor down the street just for a week, or even a few days, google will give you a temporary spot on the front page. This is an awesome way for you get get a quick local SEO win, and it’ll hopefully motivate you and your team to keep asking for reviews, keep helping on the platform, and will get you a more solid spot on that front page ad questions get answered, happy reviews get left, and business starts flowing from your Google My Business Listing.

Welcome to Mountain Man Digital, has your practice been relying solely on word of mouth for too long? Let our team of seasoned professionals build you a marketing system that get 10-30 new patients in the door every month, consider Working with Us.

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