Local SEO’s foundation– at least on Google– is the GMB Or Google My Business Listing. For we lowly users, this is the 3 or so businesses that are listed at the top of many search results.

They Look Like This:

As we can see, when I search “Web Development Berkshire County, MA” I… Don’t show up. Let’s see what steps we can take to fix that.

1. Claim (Or just log into) Your GMB Account.

Go to and either log in, or create an account

2. Completely Fill Out Your Profile (No, Really.)

Fill out every section of your GMB profile. Fortunately, Google is kind, and will prompt you on what parts of your profile need to be filled out. Like with mine!!

As you can see I have quite a few items to get done: Adding Services , Posting Photos, Adding a Business Description, and Turning on Messaging in Google My Business.

Let’s attack each one at a time.

Adding Services

To add services in Google My Business, simply click on “Services” in the side bar from the google my business menu, and add the services there.

Posting Photos

To Post Photos to your Google My Business Profile, click on the photos button on the sidebar of your Google My Business Profile. Then, upload the photos you wish from your computer.

Adding A Business Description

To add a business description to your Google My Business Profile, go to the home page of your account and click edit underneath the Description section of your main page.

Setting Up Messenger Services

To Setup messenger services, simply download the Google My Business App, and log in! Then select messenger services and turn it on.

OK! Now that my account is all set up, what’s the next step?

3. Reviews: The Lifeblood of GMB.

The primary driver for traffic to GMB listings is their reviews. Motivating your clients to leave reviews is PIVOTAL. Watch me actually contact my clients and ask them for reviews here on video!! (VIDEO LINK HERE)

4. Add a Shortname

Short names are a great way to get a simple, shareable link to your Google My Business so you can send it over to folks looking to find your biz, or to get it into the hands of happy clients that want to leave reviews. Let’s set one up.

5. But Don’t Stop There! Reply!

Finally, when someone leaves you reviews, be sure to reply!

Final Thoughts

I started writing this about 4 months ago, and never posted it because I couldn’t ever get the complimentary video QUITE right. Don’t do the same with your own SEO work, whether it’s for a GMB, or an article. Be sure to get your work out there, and correct course later. Always!

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