Regular Car Reviews: What It Means When You Solve a Problem

I Love Regular Car Reviews. As I sit down to write this I am eagerly anticipating his Monday morning video: a silly, often dirty review of a car which is–regular.

His videos are simple, short, and always follow a common format. They’re always a little off, and they’re always full of off-color, yet interesting jokes. His voice is always in the same timbre, and his counterpart always writes a funny song to serve as the intro and outro piece for each video.

It’s the model for consistency. And you know it works because they used this little channel not only to get them out of their day jobs: Regular Cars Inc. has its own project car as well. The Vagabond Falcon.

Here’s the things, though. These guys aren’t professional marketers. They aren’t videographers either. They’re a couple of guys who have Masters in English, who were down on their luck, struggling to find work, and wanted to say what they wanted to say about cars. And they did. And they kept doing it, and kept playing to their audience, who they knew was out there. And now they have the tribe.

What can we learn from this? We can learn that not only does the cult of the professional have a loss of clout in the Internet age, but the professional is–in my humble opinion– at a disadvantage! The professional videographer will make made-for-tv youtube videos, which are over-lighted, over cued, and over edited. They will spend too long on the sound. In all this focus on minutiae you lose contact with the content creator. In Regular Car Reviews you feel like you’re listening to your friend tell you everything he learned about this car, and how he feels about it. And it feels warm and inviting. It feels like you can’t wait for next Monday.

So here’s to Regular Car Reviews! may you learn from their consistency, their honesty to their craft, and their true passion for their work.

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