Why Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify are SCAMS

I know, inflammatory title.

But here’s the thing: WordPress (link) has been out here doing the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) thing for more than a decade, and they…just do it better than anyone else.

But why would that make these other web builders a scam? 

Because They charge you TOO MUCH money for the services they offer to you.

Basic pricing for Squarespace: is $40 per month.

Wix, weebly and shopify are all about the same. install: Free.

Themes, custom designs,etc? Also free on wordpress. (with a little know how)

And this is what I mean when I say a SCAM. The other web builders expect you to pay a monthly fee to use their software, when the gold standard of SEO (WordPress) has been free for a decade…actually it always has been! 

When it comes to SEO, why is wordpress so good and other are so….not?

It all comes down to the structure.

You see, since wordpress is open source (the code is available to everyone for free) they don’t need to spend any coding horsepower to “lock down” their code so it isn’t freely downloadable and changeable by other people. Wix, weebly, etc….that’s their entire lifeblood. Making sure their “secret sauce” is behind code- based garden walls.

Now, when Google “crawls” (takes a look at) a WIX site…it doesn’t see that extra code as “security” (it doesn’t make the site safer, just slower) all it sees is extra code that the user (person visiting the site) needs to download onto their machines before they can even see the website itself.

This means a slower user experience, which means google has no reason to serve that slower site over a site that loads faster WITHOUT that useless code.

And that’s just ONE example.

Leaving The Excavator In The Front Yard. 

Another issue with these ready made site builders is that their ease of building makes the sites load quite poorly.

When you build a WordPress site, the construction equipment is rolled in (for instance you might use elementor builder) and then when the site is complete and published, wordpress rolls that construction equipment out of the way by means of powerful browser caching. Wix? Squarespace? They leave that construction “code” in line with the other code. This means a slow, hard-loading experience for the user again. Another reason why Google won’t serve a builder website on the front page in most cases. 

The Real Bottom Line On Price. 

To host a website on wordpress in a complete DIY environment (you do all the work and keep it updated yourself) will probably still cost you about $40-50 a month depending on what tools you use and your goals for the site. This isn’t a far cry from the $40-50 that these builders will charge to do a good part of the back-end stuff for you. But the catch is that you’ll be fighting an uphill battle showing up on google for the entire life of the site, instead of building authority day after day on a wordpress platform from day one.

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