Why You're Taking Too Long To Make Content

This post is being made with a companion video. in that video I show you how I create a week’s worth of content for my company in 10 minutes (Actually under 9)

Video link is here.

If you’re reading this post, you’re spending too much time worrying about making content for your business.

Content for your business should do one very simple thing: Tell the story of how your company helps its’ customers. This post will cover common pitfalls of why companies fail with their content strategies, and ultimately get no business from it.

You’re planning too much.

This “week’s worth” of content (by which I mean the bare minimum you can get away with while still seeing results) took me less than 10 minutes from conception to creation to publishing. Some of that you do with leverage of software (speech to text programs etc) and some you do with employee help (fiverr, and upwork are all great places to hire folks to do the heavy lifting for you).

The key here in terms of speed is that I didn’t spend much time laboring over what to make content about. I picked an idea and went for it.

You aren’t talking directly to your customer

If you spend an hour talking about this sweet new lift you got in your new garage, and not a single second talking about how your oil changes will save people time and money, you will not succeed making content. You need to speak to your customer’s problems and how you solve them.

You are spending too much time on too many platforms

Pick a single platform and stick to it like glue. Too many people spend too much time making tiktok videos, podcasts, blog posts, and youtube videos all of poor quality, instead of making one really good piece of content for one platform. Spend the lion’s share of time on your “pillar platform” and ignore the rest until you have time for it.

You don’t do video.

Video is a force multiplier for content. Screen shot videos for images for instagram. transpose the voice of your video for a blog post. Cut the video into snippets and post as stories on multiple platforms. a single video can be a cornerstone for the rest of your content creation for as much as several months depending on your strategy, customer etc.

Try video, I promise you’ll like it once you get over the stage fright 🙂


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