Working With Mountain Man

Has your practice been relying solely on word of mouth for too long?

Let our team of seasoned professionals build you a marketing system that get 10-30 new patients in the door every month.

Initial Consultation

First we’ll meet and get to know your practice and why you aren’t attracting the patients you need.



Then we’ll construct a marketing plan that makes sense to you, and focuses on getting you in front of those new potential patients using the internet.


Then we’ll provide you with a full, detailed proposal that includes a budget and milestones to monitor the success of the campaign.


Starting Your New Marketing Journey

Once we agree on a plan, our team will get to work using the internet to promote your practice to people near you that need your help. Seeing new patients in the first 2 weeks is common, and receiving between 10-17 new patients the first month is our goal.


Our Promise To You

An Honest, clear, and transparent experience working with our team at every stage. There will be no false promises, and our goals will be yours.


Let's Make You A Community Hero

Chiropractors increase the quality of life for their communities thanks to the services they offer.  Berkshire increases your quality of life, by making marketing easy.